About Dr. Suhas Awchat

Suhas Awchat is a renowned public figure and also an award winner of ‘’The Best Restaurateur”. He is a man of ecstasy and euphoria which has brought him great success personally and professionally. Suhas Awchat is a food-savvy and a man with a good taste. He always keeps a track on his restaurants and make sure every bit is acclaimed and impeccable. He has found his space in the catering industry and he knows how to sway people with his every meal.

Addition to this, he is also the founder and the CEO of Mumbai's Globally Awarded and ISO certified triple restaurants – ‘Goa Portuguesa’, ‘Dakshin Culture Curry’ and ‘Diva Maharashtracha’ that serves an exotic combination of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood to everyone that possess a passion for food just like him.

Interestingly, Suhas Awchat is a Medical Doctor, but he didn’t opt into practicing it. He instead chose to open his own Goan restaurant in the most happening city – Mumbai, in the interest of his love for food and health. Apart from all this, Suhas Awchat is a fabulous actor, a model, a singer and is deeply involved in the field of journalism. Along with this, Suhas Awchat served as:

Our Introduction

Special Executive Magistrate. Govt. of Maharashtra.

Member of Himalayan Military Institute - Ministry of Defense. Govt. Of India

President - All India Human Rights Assosiation Mumbai

Member of several Govt. & Non Govt. Organizations & Committee (MHC) Police - Public Committee for Communal Hormony.

Advisory Member of Traffic Police Committee-Mumbai appointment by Bombay High Court.

Appointed as a Food Critique & Judge for many contests held by leading organizations & Media.

Journalist / Columnist / Correspondent for many Print & Electronic Media.

Model, Singer and Acted in Marathi, Hindi Movies & T. V. Serials.

Awards and Honours

Suhas Awchat’s Solitary Victories:

HONOURED WITH "PRESIDENT'S MEDALS" As Special Police Officer for distinguished service during Riots/ Bomb blast/ Elections/ Natural Calamities "UDYOGSHREE "Businessman of The Year Award. @ Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce

"MAHARASHTRA RATNA" Highest Award given by FMR. C.M. of Maharashtra @ Kala Niketan / Academy

"THE BEST RESTAURATEUR" Award by Indo Swiss Society @ IMC.

“Outstanding Gourmet Restaurateur” Award by International Tourism Council.

Topnotch Restaurant Awards:

Authentic Gourmet Restaurant award to 'Dakshin Culture Curry' by NHK - Japan Broadcasting Corp.

Best Restaurant Award by Times of India Food Guide for Diva Maharashtracha Restobar.

Diva Maharashtracha Awarded as Asia's Finest Restaurant by "Miele Guide" Singapore.

Entrepreneurial Ventures


Goa Portuguesa’ is an exotic fun dining and a multiple award winning restobar serving Goan, Portuguese and Continental Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and Seafood delicacies. It has its presence since 03rd December 1988.The Awchats family share a passion for good food and they whole heartedly present this passion for everyone to enjoy. The Restobar serves a blend of Goan and Portuguese delicacies which are researched, modified, standardized and prepared by Master Chef Deepa Suhas Awchat by using modern day techniques, keeping in mind the health aspect of the guests while retaining the same original taste. In addition to serving iconic Goan dishes such as Vindalho and Balchao, Goa Portuguesa offers a wide variety of traditional Hindu vegetarian preparations, thus dispelling the myth that Goans eat only Fish and Pork. Goa Portuguesa offers Tax Free Dinning to their foodies. Parts of the profits donated to Muktangan Charitable Institute.


Diva Maharashtracha was born to unfold the goodness of Maharashtrian cuisine that was unexplored and unheard of, and to take ahead the great legacy of Maharashtra that’s known for its rich culture, cuisine & customs. The authentic delicacies prepared from the well-knit traditional Maharashtrian communities like; CKP, Pathare Prabhu, Marathas, Saraswats, East Indians, Kolis, Bhandaris, Brahmins and so forth, make Diva Maharashtracha an outstanding restobar which representing the 12-crore people living in 35 districts of various regions like Vidharbha, Khandesh, Marathwada, Konkan, Pashimdesh and Mumbai traditional ambience & live music. Diva Maharashtracha is 1st and only ISO / MTDC certified restobar in India.


Dr. Suhas Awchat & Master Chef & Culinary Book Author Deepa Awchat were on a family holiday to the south. Deepa being a foodie & a master chef had experienced the variety of the unexplored south Indian food and on returning to Mumbai realized that the so called South Indian restaurants were only limited to Idli Dosa & Sambhar, so she along with her multifaceted husband Dr. Suhas decided to explode the myth & educate the people about the unexploded cuisine from the southern Indian peninsula. The exotic Dakshin Culture Curry menu is standardized & modified to suit the Mumbaikars palette. The changes are made by toning down the spice & oil levels, remaining in the same taste zones & by maintaining the Authenticity of the dish by Grand Master chef Deepa Awchat. The keyword to the hospitality and service of Dakshin Culture Curry is ‘Guest is God’

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